IADR MalSec 2021: 20th Annual Scientific Meeting Malaysian Section IADR Online Shah Alam, Malaysia, September 18, 2021
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IADR MalSec 2021 invites you to participate in our event which showcases various award categories. We welcome original scientific articles which have not been submitted at other international conferences prior to this. The award categories include: 

  1. IADR MalSec Undergraduate Award 
  2. IADR MalSec Postgraduate Award 
  3. IADR MalSec Senior Award 
  4. Colgate-IADR Overall Research (Junior)
  5. Colgate-IADR Overall Research (Senior)
  6. Lion-IADR MalSec Junior (Dental Public Health) 
  7. ACFF Award (Cariology)

 Shortlisted entries will be invited to submit extended abstracts for IADRMalSec 2021 e-proceeding book (ISBN indexed).